Anong Thai is a small, family run restaurant dedicated to bringing you genuine Thai food in clean, beautiful and modern, surroundings.
Our restaurant is fully licensed, featuring Singha beer from Thailand and a wine list especially chosen for its compatibility with Thai food.

We also offer comprehensive and delicious take-away and outside catering services.

Eating is one of the most social aspects of Thai life. So much so that when friends meet in Thailand, the first question they ask each other is ‘Have you eaten yet?’ This reflects their enthusiasm for sharing good food, which is an important part of Thai culture.
That enthusiasm is the main ingredient in the food served at Anong Thai.

All of our dishes are freshly prepared and cooked to order exactly as they would be in Thailand, using traditional methods, and the freshest of Thai herbs such as Galangal, Lemon Grass, Kafir lime leaf, Holy Basil and of course chillies!
This ensures that at Anong Thai, you will experience the authentic flavours unique to Thai cuisine.

Our menu features dishes from all over Thailand, so we are sure there will be something for everyone (not all Thai food is spicy!), and if you are new to Thai food and would like some guidance, we would be only too happy to offer advice and information on the wonderful world of Thai food.

We do not use MSG in any of our food.